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Hold Me Closer - Giclée Print

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Size : 16.5 x 23.4 inches / 42 x 59.4 cm

PHOTO RAG · 308 GSM · 100% cotton · white
The world of fine art printing is one that requires careful consideration when selecting the right paper. PHOTO RAG, a 308 GSM, 100% cotton, white paper, is an excellent choice for artists who seek high-quality printing results. Its smooth surface and brilliant white tone enhance the detail and vibrancy of prints. When using PHOTO RAG, prints have a fine art feel, and colors reproduce with exceptional accuracy.

What is a Giclée and Why is It Valuable?

The term Giclée refers to a printing method that produces high-quality digital prints. Derived from the French word “gicler,” which means “to spray,” the method involves the use of specialized inkjet printers that are capable of producing high-resolution prints using fine droplets of ink. This printing method is considered valuable because it produces prints that are of better quality than traditional printing methods, and they have a longer lifespan. Giclée prints can retain their quality and color for up to 200 years under the right conditions.

Buy this Collector's Edition Giclee print signed & titled in A1 A2 A3 size and make your wall bold and beautiful.

Art has an undeniable impact on our surroundings. It can inspire, challenge, and provoke us to think in ways that we might not have otherwise. In light of this, owning an art piece that personally speaks to you can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to add some character and depth to their living space. Moreover, the limited edition nature of this print ensures its exclusivity and makes it a valuable addition to any collection.